“Absolute Accuracy” police and sports sniping contest in Moscow

The winners of the police and sport sniping competitions were defined. 

On the shooting range of the Internal Troops for the Russian Ministry of Interior located in Novaya village (Balashikha city) “Absolute Accuracy” police and sport sniping contest was held on July, 13. 70 shooters across the country attended this event and there were presented amateurs and professionals alike. For the contest all participants were offered to check their skills in 12 tasks on the distances from 40 to 500 meters. A lot of tasks had their challenges: confrontation with limited time firing, movement necessity, transfer of fire, unstable firing position, long-distances shooting, non-conventional targets shooting like toothpicks, pennons, tiles etc. The competitions winners were defined in overall standings. Among the civil shooters Alexander Nikitin was nominated as a bronze winner with the result 127 points, Dmitry Boronin become a silver one with 145 points, and the gold medal of contest was earned by Dmitry Spesivtsev with 159 points.

The winners were awarded with prizes – certificates for the ORSIS arms factory products on 50, 25 and 10 thousand roubles respectively.

The competitions were organized by the “Promtechnologya” company (ORSIS) under the auspices of the Military-Industrial Commission to the Government of Russian Federation. The event was supported and assisted by the Internal Troops Command of the Russian Ministry of Interior.

You could find information on this contest as well at forum Guns.ru under «Specialized Competitions” section.


“Absolute Accuracy” police and sport sniping competitions are a sharp-shooters contest which represents the one of the largest competitions in this given sport event in our country. The goals and missions of this contest are to improve the level of high-accuracy rifle skilled handling for the sportsmen and professionals alike and the exchange of best experiences in their shooting skills.