ORSIS AS-15 carbine is on sale already!

New ORSIS AS-15 carbine sale started in the ORSIS Brand Showroom

Esteemed clients!

We are pleased to offer you ORSIS AS-15 carbine which you are able to procure already in the ORSIS Brand Showroom located at the address: 19, Smirnovskaya Str.

AS-15 carbine has control elements similar to AR-15 that ensures its excellent ergonomics.

Carbine automatics are operated on the base of the short stroke piston gas fitting that enhances carbine operation reliability and allows sorting out the problem of receiver soiling by the products of gunpowder combustion.

The barrel is made of 4140-grade steel by button-swaging technology with carbonitrizating process added which makes it possible to use the cartridges of different manufacturers. Carbonitrizating process enhances the barrel resistance to corrosion and increases its life expectancy. The overall length of the barrel is 16ʺ, grooves quantity – 4 and twist rate - 8ʺ.

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