ORSIS Model Line

The “Promtechnologya Ltd." company is manufacturing high-accuracy single-shot and repeating hand-reloaded hunting and sporting rifles fitted with sliding bolt action.

ORSIS rifles are equipped with barrels profiled by single-point cut-rifling (by hook cutting head) technology and actions with two locking lugs. ORSIS rifles are fitted with barrels made by button-swaging technology and actions with two locking lugs. More details on manufacturing technologies and “know-how" applied.

“Promtechnologya Ltd." company's model range is represented by the following types of the rifles:

  • ORSIS single-shot rifles: Orsis Varmint, Orsis F-Class
  • ORSIS repeating rifles: Orsis Varmint M, Orsis Alpine M, Orsis Hunter M, Orsis T-5000 M

Orsis Rifles

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Stock patterns

Rifled arms are equipped with stocks made of wood laminate, precious wood and synthetic lightweight materials. The stocks are manufactured in a regular version and with a pistol-type grip as well.

There is an option for left-handed shooters for certain ORSIS models (caliber-wise).

Cartridges options

Recently it is feasible to produce the rifles of the following calibers: .223 Rem., .243 Win., 6,5x55 SE, .308 Win., .300 Win Mag, .30-06 Spring., .338 Lapua Magnum, 9,3x62, .

Custom rifles

The “Promtechnologya Ltd." company offers a unique opportunity to design individually-shaped rifled arms - Orsis Custom. Personal requests of that kind are evaluated individually.