Decoration & Engraving

Arms embellishment is an original handicraft which enjoys the rich traditions in our country. The Russian school of weapons engravers holds the leading position in the world along with English, German-Austrian and Italian ones.

The author's style to embellish weapons turns it into a masterpiece, artistic value of which attracts close attention of weapons fans and collectors. It is not by chance that these weapons exactly was devised as a very valuable gift and was presented to the crowned persons, renowned political figures and military leaders.

The masters-engravers of the company will add to your firearm's character a unique and individual touch. Different compositions and plot intentions by your request will be implemented at the highest level.

The range of the embellishment options employed in ORSIS custom firearms creation is mighty wide, starting from checkering and cutting on the stock, decorative precious metals overlays application to all metal parts of the firearms engraving. Besides, particular attention is given to the trigger, bolt handle and other firearms elements shapes that might assist to emphasize originality of each item.

Term of manufacturing

It may take from 4 to 14 months from the day of project approval to manufacture custom firearms piece depending on the complexity of works.

Stages of manufacturing

The process to produce a custom firearm piece is divided to the following stages:

  • Order registration and preliminary calculation of its cost
  • Project of works development with the master-engraver participation
  • Project, estimate and terms of order implementation approval


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Samples of works